Connecticut Society for Women Environmental Professionals


The Committees are staffed by interested members. The responsibilities of the committees are as follows:

  • Executive Committee: guides the overall direction of the organization, approving the draft budget before it is presented to the general membership, authorizing payment of bills not included in the approved annual budget, ensuring that all elected positions are filled, scheduling the business and steering committee meetings, and creation of ad hoc committees.
    Contacts: Co-Chairs  Amy Bonneau and Jane Kimball Warren

  • Communications Committee: maintains the website and email lists.
    Contact: Nina Levenduski

  • Membership Committee: maintains the membership list and mailing list of members and non-members, coordinates mailings and email communications to members.
    Contact: Amy Bonneau

  • Mentoring Committee: coordinates and holds events to mentor students interested in careers concerning the environment. OPEN. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Program Committee: is responsible for all facets of program sessions including securing the location, arranging for speakers, conducting the sessions, providing information on program sessions and speakers to the Website Committee, and arranges for refreshments at sessions.
    Contacts: Cindy Karlson and Nina Levenduski

  • Public Service/Environmental Grant Committee: organizes public service events and coordinates the grant program.
    Contact: Melody Christopher

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